PAXDR 6 Digit Dual Rate/ Draw/Ratio/Count


● 6 Displays - Rate A & B, Totaliser A & B, Rate Calculation
and Totaliser Calculation
● Calculations include Sum (A+B), Difference (A-B), Ratio (A/B),
% of Total (A/A+B) and Draw (A-B/B)
● 1/8 DIN 6 Digit 0.56” Red or Green LED Display
● 10 Point Scaling for Non Linear Processes for Both Rate Displays
● Individual Scaling for A, B and C Totalising Counters
● Count modes include Count x1, Count x2, Direction,
Quadrature x1, Quadrature x2 and Quadrature x4
● Up to 4 Alarm Outputs (Optional)
● Analogue Retransmit Output (Optional)
● RS232/485/Modbus/DeviceNet/Profibus DP (Optional)
● IP65 Sealed Front Display

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